Event Monitoring System - RTMS STRAQ

Event Monitoring

Allow your operators to log maintenance tasks as they are completed and set alert reminders to ensure they are kept up to date.

RTMS has developed an Event Monitoring System for the retail sector to provide a retail outlet with a simple to use system for recording manual recurring tasks within the operation.

The system allows zones and sub-zones to be configured for a specific store to divide the area into identifiable locations, such as groceries, meat, bakery, tinned goods, frozen food etc. The system then allows various tasks to be configured such as price check, date rotation, SEL (shelf edge label) check, hygiene check etc. Reminders can then be configured within the system to set when and where each of the tasks should be completed, how often and if they are not completed when a reminder or alert should be generated.

Via a simple touch screen interface using a mobile device the tasks can be selected and recorded as complete, this can either be done direct via the website page or by use of the RTMS Android App. The user simply selected the zone, sub zone and activity and logs that the work has been completed. Alternatively, the user can access a list of tasks to be completed that day or of outstanding tasks that are overdue and can select one of these to mark as complete.

Reports can be generated at various levels either as a prompt for shop assistants to complete tasks, for management to view if tasks are completed on time and if not how late they were, or from a historical analysis point of view to satisfy any spot checks that may be carried out by various inspectors.

The system removes the need for manual paper based reporting and large logbooks, everything is recorded and logged electronically and stored securely in the cloud on the STRAQ portal hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Event Monitoring can be added to your Remote Monitoring System to allow staff to be prompted to complete recurring tasks.

Event Monitoring can also be added to your Machine Monitoring System and configured to provide reminders and record tasks such as preventative maintenance or cleaning tasks within a production environment.

STRAQ Portal

The STRAQ Portal is the reporting platform which allows you to effortlessly navigate through and view your data events that are due to be completed or events that have already been logged.

Where multiple locations are being monitored a summary screen can be used to identify locations with overdue events before drilling down to see the detail. Historical data for current or previous shifts can be viewed with the click of a button and either printed or saved to a PDF document for archive.