Smart Sensors for Business and Home

RTMS develops industry leading robust software that connects you in your home with everyone and everything that you value and in your business, the STRAQ platform gives you sight of and control over every aspect of your environment, in real time, without the need for costly wiring.

Home User

Business User

Energy efficient, connected homes can attract higher selling prices and cost less to run.  Accurate data will show you which devices are being used and which are wasting energy.

Temperature Sensor

Monitor the temperature of your home in real time and identify rooms which lose heat.

Air Quality Sensor

Monitor the air quality in your home in real time and identify potentially dangerous fumes.

Power Sensor

Monitor the power usage in your home in real time and identify faulty or costly appliances.

Unpacking your Home Monitoring System

Our Clients

Remote Access using any wi-fi

Track the power usage of individual appliances at home, from anywhere! If you boil the kettle, the system will record the action and show you the power used. Savesum provides so much more control and feedback than a smart meter. This functionality means that it also doubles up as a care monitoring device.

Software development

25 Years in the Making

Born in the late 1990s with the desire to develop a robust system of sensors and readers that would highlight energy and machinery efficiency. Now we have concentrated all the learning over the past 25 years and developed our new range of Savesum sensors under the STRAQ brand, which has applications for the domestic and industrial market and is compatible with other market leading products.

Effective Monitoring 24/7

RTMS provides industry leading device monitoring and real-time reporting systems for domestic and commercial applications that run on the STRAQ platform. The system can operate without the need for costly wiring, and can save you money, keep you and yours safe and give you the ability to reduce your carbon footprint.

The control of costs and the efficiency of day to day operations can enable businesses to remain competitive without impacting upon customer services.

Power Sensor

Monitor the power usage across your business in real time and identify faulty or costly machinery, processes and appliances.

Water Pressure Sensor

Monitor the water pressure to detect blockages or filter problems and reduce downtime.

Water Flow Sensor

Monitor the flow of water in your production environment to identify leaks and to monitor throughput.

Speed Sensor

Monitor the speed of your production machines to record efficiency and downtime.

Weighing Sensor

Monitor the weight of materials to track rates of usage and determine when replenishment is required.

Asset Sensor

Monitor the location of your assets within your warehouse and other monitored locations.

Temperature Sensor

Monitor temperatures in real time to identify equipment running out of tolerance.

Hardware Development

Wireless Sensors

RTMS has developed the Savesum smart sensor system to wirelessly collect data to provide cost effective monitoring and reporting both in the home and in business environments.

A simple wireless hub collects data from the sensors and transmits it to the STRAQ platform, which is securely hosted with Amazon Web Services


Jon McGowan, Senior Customer Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

"I’ve worked with RTMS for 6 years now, I have found them to be incredibly easy to work with. They are innovators and problem solvers and execute in a measured but speedy way. Nothing is ever too-much trouble for them & I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Tracking Deliveries

Trolleys and Cages

We are building a new commercial gateway solution with our specialist long range equipment using the same technology as our remote monitoring sensors that will enable customers to monitor assets more closely when they are further away.

Smart Home Automation

The phrase ‘The Internet of Things’ has been talked about since 1999, although the idea of connecting and connected devices has been around since the 1970’s.

Today the reality of the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information is all around us. Interoperability has been developed between devices that are produced by different manufacturers. This intelligence enables groups of devices or machines to operate in conjunction with, or independently of each other, depending upon how you set up your system.

Wireless Savesum Smart Sensor System

RTMS has developed the SaveSum smart sensor system to wirelessly collect data to give cost effective monitoring and reporting both in the home and in the business.

A simple wireless hub collects the data from the sensors and transmits it back to the STRAQ platform securely hosted with Amazon Web Services.

The STRAQ Portal provides a simple interface to view what’s happening within your business today and will show historical data as well. ​