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STRAQ Business offers a broader range of sensors to monitor a wider range of conditions within the industrial world.

Smart Sensors for Business Users

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STRAQ Business software uses a range of smart sensors to provide power monitoring and machine monitoring systems, giving you real time monitoring of power usage, machinery performance and flow rates and temperatures. Our systems also provide asset tracking across many industry sectors such as manufacturing and logistics, high street retail, restaurant and fast-food environments.

The SaveSum smart sensor system collects data wirelessly providing you with accurate real-time monitoring and reporting so you can make informed decisions that will save you money and increase operational efficiencies.

​A simple wireless hub collects the data from the sensors and transmits it back to the STRAQ platform which is securely hosted with Amazon Web Services.

The control of costs and the efficiency of day to day operation can enable business to remain competitive without impacting upon customer services.

Power Sensor

Smart Sensors for Business and Home

Monitor the power usage across your business in real time and identify faulty or costly machinery, processes and appliances

Water Pressure Sensor

Monitor the water pressure to detect blockages or filter problems and reduce downtime

Water Flow Sensor

Monitor the flow of water in your production environment to identify leaks and to monitor throughput

Speed Sensor


Monitor the speed of your production machines to record efficiency and downtime.

Weighing Sensor

Monitor the weight of materials to track rates of usage and determine when replenishment is required.

Asset Sensor


Monitor the location of your assets within your warehouse and other monitored locations.

Temperature Sensor

Smart Sensors for Business and Home

Monitor temperatures in real time to identify equipment running out of tolerance


Jon McGowan, Senior Customer Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

"I’ve worked with RTMS for 6 years now, I have found them to be incredibly easy to work with. They are innovators and problem solvers and execute in a measured but speedy way. Nothing is ever too-much trouble for them & I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the condition of your equipment or factory using wireless sensors removing the need for costly wiring.

Machine Monitoring

Monitor the speed of your equipment to give live and historical reporting for production and efficiency.

Event Monitoring

Allow your operators to log maintenance tasks as they are completed and set alert reminders to ensure they are kept up to date.

People Monitoring

Monitor people on and off site wirelessly for time, attendance and for health and safety compliance throughout your factory or plant.

Asset Monitoring

Track the movement of your assets between monitored locations in real time and receive accurate fleet movement information.

Asset Monitoring Plus+

Enhance your Asset Monitoring System with the addition of mobile readers installed on your delivery vehicles and GPS location of your assets.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Alerts identify if a loved one hasn’t got out of bed at the normal time and indicate if certain appliances are being used at regular times through the day.

Wireless SaveSum Smart Sensor System

RTMS has developed the SaveSum smart sensor system to wirelessly collect data to give cost effective monitoring and reporting both in the home and in the business.

A simple wireless hub collects the data from the sensors and transmits it back to the STRAQ platform securely hosted with Amazon Web Services.

The STRAQ Portal provides a simple interface to view what’s happening within your business today and will show historical data as well. ​