Team Members Archive - RTMS STRAQ

Meet the Team


Jeremy Mogford


Jeremy Mogford has developed a successful career in the hospitality industry. In 1973 he founded the Browns Restaurant Group, opening restaurants in university cities and London, until the company was acquired by Bass plc in 1999.

 As well as being Chairman and a major shareholder in RTMS, Jeremy Mogford is also managing director of ‘The Oxford Collection’, consisting of the Old Bank & Old Parsonage Hotels, Quod & Gees Restaurants and the Parsonage Grill. During interim years, he has had an interest in a number of related businesses, including London’s oldest restaurant, Rules, and Maison Blanc, a bakery and patisserie business in partnership with Raymond Blanc.

 Jeremy Mogford’s education was at the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, followed by four years at Surrey University (BSc Hotel & Catering Business Admin). In 2001 he was awarded an Hon. DUniv. Oxford Brookes University.

 He is chairman of the Oxford High Street Association and Rox (Backing Oxford Business). He was nominated as Independent Group Restaurateur of the Year 1997, Caterer & Hotelkeeper Magazine. With a keen interest in the arts both as a collector and as a sponsor, his annual international Food & Drink Short Story Prize competition is now in its tenth successful year.


Justin Farr

Managing Director

Justin Farr is the Managing Director of RTMS and leads the company’s operations. He has over 25 years working with RTMS after joining the business in 1993 and working his way through the ranks from System Technician to MD.

The business underwent some restructuring in 2020 and is now firmly placed as a technology business and focusses on wireless hardware development and SaaS solutions.

Justin has been responsible for managing the development of the STRAQ platform that forms the basis for many of the SaaS solutions offered by RTMS to a number of blue chip companies. In 2020 he managed the move of all systems over to AWS and worked with the team to develop a unique wireless monitoring sensor solution which is also integrated into AWS with some of the AWS components and services embedded into the devices themselves.

Outside of work Justin enjoys spending some quality family time with his wife and 2 children.


Nick Marsh


From very small beginnings in the family pet food business, Nick then spent over twenty years with global and National companies in various sectors and in various roles in sales, marketing and process improvement.

Since 2007, Nick has advised many aspirational businesses and been privy to the challenges and obstacles faced by organisations in most industry sectors and at all stages of growth.

Clients have grown and developed and their companies have won awards and doubled or tripled in size.

As an objective voice that can challenge without being confrontational, Nick provides clarity and generates consensus on the goals, values and distinctive activities that contribute to the culture of the business and that will provide a sustainable competitive advantage to the organisation.

Nick joined the board at RTMS in 2021


Julian Streeter

Business Development

Julian joined RTMS back in late 2016 to help develop the business and core strategy. He is an experienced operator within the Retail and Distribution sectors having operated at Board level for nearly 20 years. His role was to ensure the successful development of the business and delivery of goods and services to a diverse customer base, as well as his strategic role as a Board Member.

After leaving University he joined J Sainsbury’s as a Retail Management trainee, before moving to Safeway and then onto Dairy Farm of Hong Kong for four years. After returning to the UK Julian joined Pharmaceutical Wholesaler UniChem Ltd (now Alliance Healthcare) where he became Operations Director. More recently he joined Palmer & Harvey McLane Ltd (P&H) as Operations Director and was part of the team that completed the MBO in 2008 before leaving the business in 2015.

Julian has an MBA from Manchester Business School.

Hilary Milton

Hilary Milton

Office Manager

Hilary Milton has been with RTMS since day one and has successfully kept every aspect of the company administration in excellent order for over 20 years​.

Having run the core processing business for 10 years as operations director she is now concentrating on running the technology business in its new Maidstone offices.

Chris Mortimer

Chris Mortimer

Senior Development Engineer

Chris joined RTMS in 2014 as is responsible for software and hardware development in support of the company’s patented wireless sensoring technology. He was steered towards a career in electronics and software by his course lecturer. After college he worked at a software and web development company before joining RTMS. His current interests include designing and building custom PC’s, 3D Modelling, 3D printing and Electronics design.


Jaume Mallach

System Architect

Jaume was born in Barcelona and spent most of his life in a small town called Sant Cugat. He has always been attracted to Science and Technology and followed the family tradition of studying Industrial Engineering. After university, Jaume worked for a consultancy in Barcelona, joining the team creating software for major sport events. He moved to the UK in 2004 where he worked on software projects for major corporations. Jaume joined RTMS in 2011 and is involved in the design of new software systems for RFID and wireless sensors.

His hobbies include the Catalan traditional sport “Castellers” (human towers) which he has practiced in London and follows many posts, blogs and sites dedicated to engineering and technology.

Michael Mutch

Retail Manager

Mike joined RTMS in 2019, bringing 10 years’ experience in the retail sector to the business. Mike is based in our showroom in Maidstone, where he has a dual role of liaising with and advising customers on the SaveSum system and running the 3D printing operation (which is a hobby of Mike’s), designing and developing the enclosures for our sensor products, which enables us to produce custom solutions.

Paul Mottershead

Paul Mottershead

Operations Manager

Paul lives in the Northwest of England, happily married with 3 grown up sons and 1 grandson. He was educated at Kings Grammar School Macclesfield, and on leaving school served a 4 year apprenticeship and qualified in mechanical engineering.

Paul left engineering to work in the family haulage business, and worked in haulage for 23 years, the last 11 years running his own business with several employees. He sold the business in 2004 to work for RTMS, managing the re-usable core operations in Haydock for 3 years, then to Dundee for 6 months, when the core operation moved there.

Most of his time is now spent working at customer sites, installing monitoring equipment and RFID systems. Paul acknowledges he is far happier when getting his hands dirty.

Outside of work, his time is spent rebuilding and restoring motorcycles, riding in classic trials, enduro events and clay pigeon shooting.

Rod Swan

Rod Swan

Product Development Manager

Rod started his career digging holes in the ground and climbing telegraph poles on an apprenticeship with GPO Telephones. Progressing into private industry he was one of the first recipients of a B.A Degree from the Open University.

His interest in the rising technology of electronics lead to an early career in computers during which he created industry firsts for programs for the digital simulation and testing of circuits boards and later, in Silicon Valley, CA., further developed these for Large Scale Integrated Circuits. This was in the late 1970’s and was mostly written in a then relatively unknown programming language called “C”.

Delving deeper into the realms of private industry Rod started his own limited company in 1989 to supply a SCADA program to Mitsubishi Electric which they then marketed worldwide as their primary Man/Machine interface for their industrial controllers. It was through this venture that Rod and Peter Milton first met and joined forces in 1993, when Peter needed “just one more feature” in that program. Along with Justin this partnership has continued and grown into what is now known as RTMS.

Rod likes nothing more than driving his tractor around his farm (with a GPS tag tracking his progress and Pink Floyd playing in his hearing aid!), tending the horses, fixing fences, and topping the fields so his wife and three daughters can enjoy riding their horses, and his four grandchildren can ride their quad bikes and fly their kites.