Machine Monitoring System - RTMS STRAQ

Machine Monitoring

Monitor the speed of your machines in real time. Identify areas of poor performance and improve production and efficiency.

RTMS has developed a machine monitoring system based upon its wireless sensor technology. Using robust and reliable wireless gateways and a wide range of sensors, data can be gathered for live reporting on all the equipment in your plant and brought together on a simple management screen to give total visibility from inside or outside of the office.

Graphical charts are used to show the speed of the machines and to highlight the uptime and downtime throughout the shift. The finished products can be counted and displayed on screen in the production office and on the shop floor via a screen on the wall to give both management and operators visibility of what has been produced and where problems have occurred.

Stop reasons can be programmed into the system to allow operators to enter why the machine has stopped and can be expanded to alert an onsite engineer that they are required to assist with a breakdown.

Live dashboard screens show the real-time status of all machines across the factory, or multiple factories enabling managers to focus on the machines with low performance rather than completing time-sapping circuits of the shop floor looking for the problem.

Production data analysis can show shift and operator details, production counts against targets and performance and downtime percentages. Downtime analysis will identify when and for how long the machines were stopped and also what the reason was.

Links to third party systems can also be configured allowing job planning data to be imported and production and downtime information to be exported back again enabling a fully integrated system to be installed and for data to flow seamlessly from system to system.

Our Range of Sensors

Speed Sensor

The speed sensor that can be connected to any style of digital sensor, for example proximity, retroreflective or magnetic.

These sensors are wired directly into the RTMS speed sensor which in turn wirelessly transmits the pulses back to the gateway.


The communications gateway requires mains power and a network connection. The network connection can be either a wired connection onto your LAN, a Wi-Fi connection or via a built in 4G Modem and data SIM card.

The gateway will collect the data from the various sensors installed and securely transmit it up to the cloud and the RTMS portal hosted securely with Amazon Web Services.

STRAQ Portal

The STRAQ Portal is the reporting platform which allows you to effortlessly navigate through and view your data for a single piece of machinery or compare trends for similar pieces of machinery.

Where multiple locations are being monitored a summary screen can be used to identify locations with problematic machines before drilling down to see the detail. Historical data for current or previous shifts can be viewed with the click of a button and either printed or saved to a PDF document for archive.

Summary Dashboard Screen


The summary dashboard screen gives an overview of the complete factory or can be set to show a specific group of machines or department.

Each machine for the selected area is shown and the user can scroll between the current shift and previous shifts, colours are used to depict running, stopped and downtime reasons, with summaries above the bar chart for downtime, production numbers against target and the current machine speed.

Machine Dashboard Screen


The machine dashboard screen gives a more detailed view of a specific machine, showing the uptime and and downtime whilst also showing the running speed of the machine.