Real Time Temperature Sensor - RTMS STRAQ

Real Time Temperature Sensor

Product Information


RTMS have two types of temperature sensors, the first is an ambient style sensor that will record the temperature wherever it is located, that could be on a wall for room temperature or in a piece of equipment such as a fridge or freezer. The second is a probe style sensor which allows the sensor to be mounted in an easily accessible location where sensing is required in smaller spaces where the sensor may not fit to monitor copper pipe temperature and record for tap temperatures where it would be supplied with a pipe clamp attachment.

  • RTMS LoRa transmitter
  • Transmission interval fixed at 64 seconds
  • 3.7V lithium battery
  • -55°C to +50°C operating temperature
  • Up to 8 year battery life
  • ±0.25°C accuracy

Real Time Temperature Sensor

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