SaveSum Sensors - RTMS STRAQ

SaveSum Sensors

Many homes now have energy meters fitted and they can show you how much energy you are using and you might be able to reduce your consumption. This is a good thing, but it’s very limited.

What if you could really ‘be in the know?’ Have a clear understanding of the energy performance of your house or office? Well now you can…

We have a background of developing robust, secure software for industrial and commercial environments and we have concentrated all the learning over the past 25 years to develop our new range of SaveSum sensors under the STRAQ brand, which has applications for the domestic and industrial market and is compatible with other market leading products.

What this means is that now you can do your best to slow global warming through having sight of the digital energy consumption of your home or business, sent to you in real time. The SaveSum smart sensor system wirelessly collects data that provides cost effective monitoring and reporting to your tablet or phone, securely.

From monitoring individual devices to tracking total power usage; water temperatures and pressures; air quality and humidity; ambient and specific temperature levels. You can specify the system to suit your needs.

As the demand for more energy efficient buildings increases, the SaveSum system enables you to prove how energy effective your home, office or manufacturing plant really is.

So much more than a smart meter, now you can see how your carbon footprint can be reduced.


Why Choose the SaveSum sensor system?

  • Our system can allow your elderly relatives to live longer in their own home and give you peace of mind that they are active and safe.
  • An energy efficient home is easier to sell.
  • A digital energy performance certificate provides an accurate picture of the energy usage of your home throughout the year and can assist in the sale of your property.
  • Precise data by device will help you manage your home and your budget. Your home is monitored constantly, for variances in temperature, power usage by device and air quality.
  • With no wiring and no installer needed you can be up and running in minutes. The secure communications gateway will read all the sensors you have installed around your home and garden.

How is the SaveSum sensor System better than what’s on the market already?

  • No pendants, nothing to wear, not intrusive
  • Encompassed the whole house and garden
  • Reports in real time, no delays, no caching, anywhere in the World
  • Customisable to your needs and environment both inside and out
  • Compatible with Ring cameras to enhance your security
  • Provides peace of mind that family members are active
  • Great value pricing with no hidden extras. The small monthly charge covers data hosting, analytics, reports and real time alerts

Easy Operation

  • Plug the secure communications gateway into any wall socket
  • Place the sensors anywhere around home and garden
  • Personalise your system from the range of options
  • Automatic system set up